2.9 Useful Shortcuts

Below is a bullet point list of some useful shortcuts:

When hovering over the Network:

  • 'P' - Opens and closes the selected Operator's Parameter window

  • 'O' - Opens and closes a visual overview of the Network in the bottom-left corner of the pane

  • 'C' - Opens and closes the Colour Palette. This can add a coloured outline to the selected Operators for easier identification

With an Operator(s) selected:

  • 'A' - Allows interaction with the Operator's viewer

  • 'B' - Bypass and un-bypass the selected Operator

  • 'H' - Performs the 'Home All' action on the Network, which is the equivalent to fitting all Operators of a Network onto the screen

  • 'Shift + H' - Performs the 'Home Selected' action which fits all the selected Operators onto the screen

  • 'R' - Toggles the Operator's Render Flag (if it has one)

  • 'D' - Toggles the Operator's Display Flag (if it has one)

  • 'Control + C' - Copy selected Operators

  • 'Control + V' - Paste copied Operators

  • 'Control + Shift + V' - Paste copied Operators at the mouse

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